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(Pejorative) An African American who has improved his lot by kow-towing to the white establishment; an Uncle Tom; an oreo. So-called as Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is considered a traitor to his race by many African Amerians.

"Uncle" (or "Aunt") was a term given to older African Americans during slavery and in the post-bellum period of the South. "Uncle" is objectionable to many African Americans when used in this context, as it was a form of address used because African Americans were denied courtesy titles such as "Mr." and "Mrs." or "Miss". "Uncle Clarence" conjures up deeply disturbing images to contemporary African American sensibilities, such as "Uncle Remus", the epitome of the "coon" who put the interests of white folks ahead of his own self-interest and those of his people.
Spike Lee has been quoted in the press as saying that "Uncle Clarence Thomas is nothing but a bandana-wearing, watermelon-eating Uncle Tom."
by Tummy AuGratin February 26, 2006
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