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When you're playing League of Legends as Tahm Kench and you bust out the big guns to go swallow up the enemy team's carrying player before spitting him out into the middle of your team for you all to dog pile onto like they're delicious BBQ chicken wings.

Also relevant if everyone is dead, you're 1v1'ing a fed Nasus and you gotta kill that fucker before he Q-slam 1-shot's your nexus.

First quoted by BrickyOrchid8 in his Story Time video 'Unbench the Kench'.
It's time to Unbench the Kench!
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by DanteTorn August 15, 2017
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To act in a stupid or idiotic way. Only douches use this phrase.
Noah: *fails math test*
by McBae June 16, 2016
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