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1) un·an·i·mos·i·ty: animosity towards something or someone that is held by an overwhelming majority. Unanimosity is the precursor to the angry mob.

2) unanimosity: Within a small human social ecosystem, the force that is felt by and exerts itself upon the subject(s) of the unanimous hate of said ecosystem.

3) Unanimosity: The state of widespread agreement that open hostility should be directed towards an oppressive government system by those who together identify as the target of great political injustice. Marked by violent or non-violent action being taken and seen as the only choice remaining for a people within a corrupt system.
1) Steve - "Yep, Leon has officially earned the unanimosity of his division by that stunt he pulled with the office party money."

2) Before he'd even finished crossing the office threshold the unanimosity hit him like a semi-truck and he was instantly covered in sweat.

3) If the Mainstream Media outlet's continued blatant refusal to cover Congressman Ron Paul's consistently surging 2012 campaign is any indication, we may expect to see the voting booths or electoral college fixed to forcibly deny the people of their "undesirable" choice for president (which increasingly becomes the dominant choice leading up to November 2012). The resulting Unanimosity led by all the common citizens, Libertarians, Republicans, and formerly registered Democrats who voted for him would certainly scare the daylights out of the fascist system, what with the millions of Americans taking to the streets and demanding justice..
by BreakGround September 13, 2011
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