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A single parent who is in a serious relationship and is not really single in the eyes of the dating world, but still holds the single role with the children.

or...2nd definition...

A person that is in a serious relationship that isn't ready to admit they are in a relationship. Its easier for them to say "unsingle" since they are stil connected to being single in a form.
Jane Doe is an un-single parent of two kids. (Jane is in a dating relationship with John)

2nd definition example..

"Noo baby im not in a relationship, im just un-single right now."
by Pellenga February 19, 2009
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That's when you're single and another single person that are long distance come together and be a couple for a moment.
Me and her met on Facebook, she's in Texas I'm in California, we're going to meet in Texas and be unsingle for the weekend
by Alonzo Jewels July 09, 2018
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