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The sound a female makes during mating. It starts out as "Umph" (can repeat) and is followed by a "ahhhhhhh" or "ah".
Umph-ahhhhhhhhhhhh! "Umpha!"
by OO=[][]=OO March 18, 2011
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1. A black kid with no future, no destiny, and no rapping abilities

2. The only Black dude at the table

3. usually the lame kid who people use to get help for thier homework.

4. Stalker of people named Daryn M.
1. "Man that kid is a failure! PLUS he can't rap!" He is an Umpha

2. Person One: "Hey, who is that black kid?"

Person Two: "Thats the Umpha of our group!"

3. Person One: "Man, that kid is a total Umpha, but I really need help with this Chemistry homework!!"

4. Person One: "Hey! Is your name Daryn?"

Daryn: "...Yes..."

Person One: "Does your last name begin with an M?"

Daryn: "...Yes...why do you want to know?"

Person One: LOOK OUT FOR UMPHA!!! He will stalk you!!"

Daryn: "AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!"
by IluvBruno March 11, 2011
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