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A reference to a method of smoking the herb Cannabis using just rolling papers. Requires at least two Dubs of Weed. Roll one Joint out of 60% of the weed, upon completion roll another Joint but place a half inch Filter on one side and put a half inch of the already rolled Joint in the Rolling Paper prior to rolling. Then roll the Joint making the two connect, take a third Rolling Paper and roll around the middle section of the Umbooo. Invented to solve the problem of there being no white mans equivalent to a Blunt or L which is predominantly used by people of African American descent. Some advice for rolling would be to give extra breathing room due to the length of the Umbooo and to attempt a Joint and have perfected it by the time you try to do an Umbooo.
Ian: "Yo, Eliot dismantle that Dutchie right there and roll me an L"
Eliot: "Nah man i feel so Grimy after smoking an L lets do something, lets say 'Cleaner'".
Ian: "Like what?"
Mark: "Umbooo!"
Eliot: "Umbooo!"
Ian: "Umbooo?"
Mark: "Umbooo!"
by Happy Cholo June 18, 2008
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