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A girl who has her own show on youtube called "sadies gaming infection" where she weekly updates and reviews video games. Shes smokin hot and likes metal gear. what more is their to say? shes hilarious and her show is amazing. UltraNeko is one of her 3 alter egos. Her real name is sadie, a doctor who trys to help her patient UltraNeko get her fix of video games. Ultraneko is her second funny and has a sailor mouth. and her alias, shes crazy third and final alias is Zine, a reporter who gives us our fix of video game news and other funny shit too.
i was watching ultraneko on sadies gaming infection last night. shes fucking hysterical
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UltraNeko is the undenialbe, irrefutible, complete, utter, and unequaled goddess of girl gaming. Some may say she's just a "reviewer" who "reviews" games in a "relaxed" style on the show "Sadie's Gaming Infection." These claims are understatements of the highest magnitude. UltraNeko does not simply "review" games, she gives the final word on them. Those who dispute her evaluations are clearly bat-shit insane and should be ignored. Her style is not "relaxed" or "unothrodox." It is the future of game reviewing. Those who have not adopted her format are obsolete, and no one with any sort of brains should watch/read thier reviews, in order to speed up the process of fading them out. The light-hearted exterior nature of her show is simply a hook to draw in n00bz. Beyond it lies the most earnest, sincere, and true evaluation of games and gaming ever devised. She is the one true game reviewer, and all those who dare doubt her merit shall perish in the great gaming clensination of 2288 (it's coming!), and I find it kind of funny, and I find it kind of sad, the dream I saw her topless was the best I've ever had. Wait, did I say that out loud? Shit, now I look like a stalker. Anyway, do yourself a favor, type "UltraNeko" in the search box on YouTube, and click that yellow "Subscribe" button.
Gamer Snob: What possible game reviewer could there BE who is better than those at IGN?

Me: UltraNeko, bitch!
by ZimMan2 January 07, 2010
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