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A new, extreme twist on the classic game "Rock-Paper-Scissors". You play by doing the normal "R-P-S" hand movement, and saying "rock, paper, scissors..." - except you have the option of naming one epic person, item, event...pretty much one epic anything. Whichever person has the most epic choice wins. Games may go on forever, and there are next to no limits on what a person my choose from.

If two peoples' choices are equally epic, then a rematch between the two may be played.
Example 'A' of "Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors":

Group: "Rock, paper, scissors-"
Tommy: "AIDS!"
Angelica: "Date rape!"
Suzie: "Kanye West!"
---Suzie would technically win for the mention of Kanye West, but Angelica wins for her option "date rape"- which, yes, is horrible...but really, what beats date rape?

Example 'B' of "Ultimate Rock-Paper-Scissors":

Group: "Rock, paper, scissors-"
Morgan: "Jesus Christ!"
Harrison: "Morgan Freeman!"
Sylvester: "ADRIAAAN!!!"
---In this case, Morgan and Harrison would have a rematch, and Sylvester would be disqualified.
by DizzaleTheWhale November 04, 2009
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