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Two people get on their knees and connect assholes, then give a thumbs up.
The midget then shoots himself with a flaregun, signalling the competition to begin.
Both people simotaniously empty theit bowels as hard as they possibly can.
Whoever can shit into the others ass first wins, and therefore have the stronget poop chute.
The winner gets an array of prizes, anywhere from licking up the mess to tickets to the Oprah Winfrey Show.
*Sometimes used to settle disputes.
*Based on Bill Cosby's Dirtpipe Boomerang
Johnny: "I want the front seat."
Mandy: "No, I want the front seat."
Johnny "No, I get the front seat, I called it first!"

Jackie: "STOP! Drop your pants, Its time for an Ultimate Dirtpipe Boomerang Showdown."

Johnny + Mandy: "O.K., Mom."
by Clam Choder April 25, 2007
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