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To give a person a dirt pipe milkshake, you would cumin that person ass hole and have them spirt it, and then watch them drink the cum that has come out of there ass.
Billy: "Jane can I cum in your mouth when we fuck?"
Jane: "Hell no! Cum in my ass and then i drink it.I love a dirt pipe milkshake"
Billy:"That sound like you realy want a dirt pipe milkeshake to me."
by Little Jonny April 24, 2006
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When having unprotected anal sex, upon male ejaculation into the recipient's rectum, an anus-stretched situation may occur that results in the semen dripping out of the rectum. This is known as a dirtpipe milkshake, aka anal creampie.

Alternately, if the recipient wants to, they can squeeze out the semen on command, resulting in a dirtpipe milkshake on demand.

dirtpipe = rectum
milkshake = semen
I spl00ged up in her ass and the bitch gave my sheets a dirtpipe milkshake.
by Nube June 02, 2006
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A sexual act involving anal sex in which one person ejaculates into another's rectum. That person then proceeds to pass the semen back out of their anus and then eats it.
"She just had a dirtpipe milkshake."
by jl;kjl;jk May 17, 2008
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