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When your Girlfriend is GGG Bi- is willing to partake in 2-way blow job w/ another girl.. Enducing a Deluxe blow job .\Or more particapating women.
bill: Where'd you and your girlfriend go last night?
stan: She took me to dinner, then she took me to a Rainbow Party . joe, I got the Ultimate Blow Job!
by HRM SMK April 20, 2008
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When a woman performs fellatio and during the process bites your member off.
"Oh, man, i was driving home last night with Shelly and crashed into the car in front of me. She was giving me head at the time, so you can imagine. It was the ultimate Blow job"

"That sucks, B."
by DragonLegion October 31, 2008
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When one girl is giving you a blow job while you are fingering another girl and licking another girls boobs.
" Woah I had the craziest night last night, i got the ultimate blowjob."
by ralph mayhem June 20, 2006
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