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Beyond epic.

There have been three ulpic events in history:

The beginning of the universe (if there was one)
The origin of life on Earth (depending on the statistics of this happening on other planets, I will remove it from this definition).
The extinction of the dinosaurs (Okay, make that semi-ulpic)

Actually, remove the last one. There has been only two ulpic events that we know of and that may eventually get reduced to one.

P.S.: If anyone (other than me) uses the word ulpic to describe an event in his/her life or a band/musician (especially Justin fucking Bieber), I will shove a metaphorical girder up his/her ass.
Ex: The origin of the universe was ulpic. Using that word for anything else (unless you are me) makes you a douche bag.
by Pailcranium October 31, 2011
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