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Similar to an Ogre, related to the hunchback of notredame. An Ugra is a distant cousin of the homosapien, an offshoot of the neanderthal. They are extremely rare and have a tendency to boast about their prowess in the gym.

They idolise Gym rats as prophets of their faith and considered Westwood blessed with the tongue of their God. The pray in a strange ritual of ingesting copious amounts of pills, dancing in dim lighting and refraining from talking to the opposite or even the same sex #Lonely

They have no aspirations in life except to hit the 80kg mark on bench and attend glastonbury but never can attain this glory as always spending cash on intercourse.

They have an event similar to a Bar Mitzvah but instead of celebrating with family and friends at the age of 13 they find the nearest animal shelter and procreate hoping to ensure the survival of their line and race.

It is believed that their spawn were created in a Club in leicester called Basement.
Person 1: Christ alive this place is a shithole, are you sure you want to go in here
Person 2: Lets give it a try it could be fun
Person 1: Shit, I swear I just saw an 'Ugra'
Person 2: It is coming at us, Lets Gareth Bale
by #TheRealOG May 01, 2016
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