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Ubertoast is essentially toast that is "better". It is like regular toast, but has been made into ubertoast thanks to a special toasting process known only by seven elderly Mongolian warriors living in Senegal.

Due to its uber-ness, only a few people are capable of eating ubertoast; among these are Chuck Norris, Mr. T and Christopher Walken. The toast is also so uber that, when saying the word out loud, you must shout it, as in "UBERTOAST!!!"
NOOB: Gee, I really love toast! Hey, what's this "ubertoast"?

CHUCK NORRIS: It's not "ubertoast", it's "UBERTOAST!!!" And you're not powerful enough to eat the UBERTOAST!!!

NOOB: Oh yeah? Watch me!

(Noob eats the ubertoast and his head asplodes)
by Lordnecronus December 11, 2009
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