When you are so mad that you can't even drive, so you have to call a rideshare to get where you are going.
Oh man, yesterday I was Uber pissed at my boss....so I have to go back and pick up my car today.
by DaFancyOne January 31, 2020
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You just “Next-Leveled” being red-faced, nostril-flaring, spit-talking, stammer, stammer Yella-hammer, mad - that’s all it is. It’s a couple of rings below: “…( send him to)…the hospital not the morgue
When I found out my deadbeat brother-in-law had stolen my Glock pistol & around $3000 of my hidden cash around the house, had I been able to find him, not even his dental records would’ve helped to ID his sorry ass then, I was UBER-PISSED
by 15/15RcrdHldr August 28, 2022
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