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n; abbrev - (Uhh Yeah Dude). The freshest podcast in the land. Hosts Seth Romatelli (of Raisin Bran Crunch fame) and Jonathan Larroquette (of lot kid fame) give a weekly review of America's foibles, including -- but not limited to -- peeds with unquenchable boner rage; limb-challenged outlaw drivers and tit/cunt groping cable guys/"doctors" in Florida; and the hottest of the week's Craislist personal ads (twin jets -- see

Normally reserved, the two hosts have been known to fly off the handle on occasion. See Ricky Gervais voice mail; miracle/non-miracle status of creating life. This is especially rare for Love Guru-esque Larroquette, whose calm demeanor see Jaaahhh-nathan's poetry is usually only riled up by the harshest of social offenses.

The two hosts go "off the dome" for approximately one hour per week. They try their best to avoid sounding like cliche douchebag radio/podcast hosts by not using overly complicated introductions marred by crazy voice modulation see Family Guy - Weenie and the Butt, SEE BELOW.
Episode 35 - UYD!!! October 13th, Friday, Friday the 13th! You scared? You should be. Why? Because its Friday the 13th? No! Because we're crazy! Cause we go off the dome. We tell it like it is. Don't let your kids listen -- it's crazy!!
-Did you like that riff? Well then you're a faggot. Turn it off. You shouldn't be listening to us cause we're crazyyyyy.
by Steve UYD Fan July 25, 2008
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