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1. Noun - Acronym for "University of Texas at Los Angeles." The term was first coined when UCLA students wore Texas burnt orange t-shirts to a USC vs. UCLA basketball game in a failed and feeble attempt to ridicule USC's loss to the Longhorns in the 2006 Rose Bowl. Unfortunately the plan backfired on the gutty little Bevos and they have been ridiculed for that failed stunt ever since.

2. Adopting the athletic accomplishments of one school in an attempt to ridicule another school; usually occurs in cases where the adopting school is woefully pathetic at sports in general.

3. Verb - A stunt which backfires and causes ridicule and embarrassment to the person seeking to ridicule.

4. Taking credit for something you didn't do.
Noun - "See that UTLA student over there cleaning my floors."

Verb: "Did you see that boomerang miss the intended target and hit the thrower in the face? Man, that guy just got UTLA'd."

(Buffalo Bill fans wearing Pittsburgh Steeler jerseys at a Seattle Seahawk game) "Looks like they are pulling an UTLA."

"Al Gore claims he invented the internet, that's so UTLA."
by Alex C.B. May 24, 2006
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Useless, Tedious, Lackluster A**holes, otherwise known as United Teachers of Los Angeles. What is laughingly presented as a powerful union, it is actually a monkey in a Gorilla-suit.
I went to UTLA for support against my vituperating principal and was hung out to dry like a pair of soggy underwear.
by gymgnostic April 29, 2007
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