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Understand The Fucking Manual. Used in response to 1337 h4xx0r d00dz telling one to RTFM after they politely asked for help.
I'd RTFM, but I can't UTFM.
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"UTFM" or "Up the Fuckin Murray" is a gang like association of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders. Although well known amongst the Ipswich, Australia area, the criminal activities of the organization are not well documented. Some notable achievements of the group include tagging in and around the heart of Ipswich and Hijacking a train to use as podium to educate the passengers on their colloquial, indigenous musical stylings. The group has been known to use makeshift weapons such as bottles and “trolley bars” to fend off or attack any opponent that they assume they can defeat.
turn this mutha-fukin train round bitch, UTFM represent!
by the hole above ground October 08, 2007
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