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University of Maine at Oronoz; noun. kick ass collage, even better parties. girls are sluts so u kno ur gonna get a peice of ass when you go out.

as in: UMO is the collage to be at, go black bears
by Alexblack42 April 11, 2008
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UMO (Ugly Motherfucker Objects) are some creatures that have no brain.They are very very ugly as fuck.UMOs have the ‘UMOGLOBINA’ in their blood and they have a disgusting smell.UMO-s are very dangerous so be careful they can inject the ‘umoglobin’ to a normal person turning him in UMO.UMO-s habitat is DAKAR country but they live worldwide
1-Do you know him?
2-Yes he is a UMO.
1-Holy Sh*t lets get hell away from him.
by Viktor Spartani June 08, 2018
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