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Called the Underground Coalition for Foamy's Demise, this active group's main purpose is to see the whiny squirrel, Foamy, die alongside the rest of the unoriginal, blatantly boring Neurotically Yours toon series over Newgrounds.
They also made and are in the making of the infamous F-days.
For great justice, FOAMY SHALL DIE!
Cant wait for UCFD's next F-Day.
by Gunningsoul January 28, 2005
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For those against the squirrel Foamy on newgrounds there are also people for him. Trying to stiffle the free speech of others just proves the close-mindedness of which he is opposed to. If you are offended good for you don't watch, but just because you don't agree don't try to shut it down. So I thought I would put the true definition of UCFD on here. It means close-minded fachist against freedom of speech.
by C.A.N.A.D.A June 26, 2009
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The action of thinking you're worthy and relevant when you aren't.
Even though they didn't qualify, they UCF'd themselves and declared a National Championship.

The millennial UCF'd himself into thinking he deserved a scholarship even though he was a 2.0 student.
by Bamag1rl May 16, 2018
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