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A United States Navy Submarine that you seriously do NOT want to fuck with. Armed with the latest and best technology, 26 Trident nuclear warhead ballistic missles (named so because they are armed with 3 warheads) capable of being essentially invisible in the water. The one ship that every enemy country fears that is in the United States Arsenal. Capable of also shooting down nuclear missles, it is truly one bad ass fighting machine. You have to be the cream of the crop of sub-mariners to serve on this ship, because of its superiority and its reputation and how seriously bad-ass a force not to be fucked with it is. No other submarine in the world is a match for this bad boy. The location of the submarine except when it is in port is at the level of "Above Top Secret". You picked the wrong submarine and group of sub-mariners to fuck with choosing to go against this sub.
The submarine Kentucky is a nuclear-armed bad-ass machine of warfare, don't fuck with it.

Don't EVER piss the USA off or push the nuclear warhead launch button, because the U.S.S. Kentucky submarine will not only shoot your rocket/missile down, but they will completely fuck your day over.
by SolidSnake3572 September 20, 2013
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