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Coined by the financial news anchor Larry Kudlow from CNBC when he referred to the devalued U.S. Dollar compared to other international currencies.
Very popular among economists but gaining popularity because when you travel abroad your money buys less foreign money, making travel overseas more expensive than before
“I don’t know when the dollar is going to strengthen,” Schiff told CNBC. “The dollar isn’t the new yen, it’s unfortunately the new peso.”

Example 2
-Joe: Hey bud what are you doing this summer?
-Ken: Going to London to visit family!
-Joe: Whoa, nice, I bet you're going to spend a lot of money there
-Ken: Yeah, I got some savings but my money ain't worth Sh**t over there, cant buy many things with these U.S. peso over there!!!
by Doferson October 02, 2009
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