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1.) when traveling by air and then suddenly at the airport you get totally and completely emotionally, mentally, and physically raped by what seems to be a random airline agent, but who is, in fact, a person hired by the airline to totally destroy your hope of finding a flight home and then raping you constantly until you curl up and die.

2.) to be ass fucked so hard it feels like someone is slamming a 4x4 into your ass with a sledge hammer and then attaching it to an impact wrench for an extended period of joy.

3.) having your colon pounded so hard it makes you cum and puke at the same time.
Dude, I was trying to get home from philly and then BAM I got totally U.S. Airwayed.

I thought that courtesy reach around with sandpaper hurt, but that was nothing once the fucker U.S. Airwayed me.
by HardPile September 08, 2011
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