UЖ (UӜ) also know as ukk is a very powerful organization on discord that raids/nukes discord servers full of degens.

They are also known as very powerful hackers. If you have one of these members in your server and you are a lgbt or a furry or a pedo or just a normal degen…. Your server is fucked up and you can’t do anything about it.
The organisation Usually falls but they always comes back, they always come back stronger and more prepared. UЖ

by Tritrax January 28, 2023
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A bunch of cool people who stand up for the right thing and need to continue on with their work.
UЖ member 1: Furries suck.
members 2-47: Yeah
by {UЖ}Thehateisrealmyguy November 19, 2021
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Bunch of pussies that raid furries on discord.
UЖ is just another anti furry group on discord lol. They also do hack things so that’s kinda cool.

UЖ member 1: fuck furries
UЖ member 2: agreed
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Bunch of pedos who are telling pedo cathers to delete the server, or else they are ddossing someone in the server (Ip, Location, City, Email, ETC). UЖ Is also knows as UKK.
UЖ MEMBER: Delete this server or else im ddosing your friend.

PEDO CATCHER: Its deleted, but why are you doing this?
by Pedo Catcher lmao May 6, 2023
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