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The pairing of Azula and Ty Lee, two villainous female characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Azula is the conniving and dangerous princess of the Fire Nation, Ty Lee is an upbeat and quirky acrobat. Ty Lee can disable people and block their chi with little more than a poke, while Azula is a master firebender who can bend lightning as well. Ty Lee's devotion to Azula and a certain scene in "The Beach" gave shippers a lot to work with, so the pairing enjoys a nice-sized following.
"You can really feel the Tyzula in "The Beach", that's some hot subtext there!"

"Hey, check out this awesome collection of Tyzula fanart I found!"

"Screw all other ships, Tyzula is THE best pairing in the Avatar world!"
by Sara Jaye October 04, 2009
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