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Typing without having control over what you are saying. Quite often typing whats on your mind, or using vulgar language.
Joe:Hey Frank
Frank:Hi fuckhead. shit whore bitch
Joe: huh?
Frank: sorry I didn't mean to type that, I have typing tourettes fuck bitch whore
by steve14 July 23, 2009
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When you automatically type something different to what you mean, often resulting in something of comical value.
Person A: Ive got a new puppy
Person B: No fair! I really want to dog.
Person B: *** A dog!
Person B: Arrrrr shit.
Person A: Haha. You have typing tourettes.
by sfsdgsdgsdsf November 12, 2007
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After typing messages on an instant messenger (such as AOL or AIM)you find yourself typing random words without the intent to acctually send them to your friend. Sometimes you dont even know your doing it.
Hey John how are ya?
(while waiting for a reply)-fuck fuckk assmunchadick bjiusnoubhosoijbno shittyt shitty poo poo(thinks to self:oh god i must have typing tourettes
by JohnGottiSyndrome October 24, 2007
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Randomly typing a bunch of nonsense letters, symbols, and/or numbers, usually in IM, out of boredom, frustration, anger, or a random urge to do so.
Person A: Hellooooooo?
Person B: (IDLE)
Person A: fhas ufiody so jgkfhs8ojbfud ahg grye8gjreurd7897^&(^)&5 y7893728n578*&#2yuhgsgn8789&
Person B: Sorry i was gone
Person B: Geez, looks like someone has a mad case of Typing Tourette's
by VNNA$AUR!(: February 03, 2009
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