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Tyler is my bestfriend. He's sweet, nice, kind-hearted, caring, and is trustworthy. To some people he mayy seem like a jerk but if you are close with him, you'll know the real Tyler. He will always stay true to his closest friends. He's someone i could never live without. I know i can trust him with everything i have. hes really the best. He is also really a cute way (Which i love). I put on a smile for him because i love him so much. i dont think ill ever stop loving tyler and i guess he will never know. He's the sweetest guy i know and i will always hold onto him with my life. i love him so much! He's my bestfriend..forever.<3
The girl who's been in love with Tyler</3 since September 15th
by Theoneinlovewithtyler March 28, 2012
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