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An old miners town located in the North West of England. It covers Mossley Common, Astley and Shackerly. Every pavement has got a hole in, usually half full of cigarette ends and whatever else usually goes in a bin. Shackerly is one big family, a council estate full. Everyone is related. It is also full of pregnant tweenagers and boyracers. It's a brilliant place for food, beer and supermarkets, holding the record for so many food places on a 50m stretch. The OAP's have kept the old broad Tyldesley twang, whereas the younger generation of Astley (bar a few) try to pretend they're from Manchester and talk with a squeak.
"We gooin wom yet?" - Grandad from Tyldesley
"Naaaaah mayte, gunnaah stay eyah for abit init, sick mayte." - 13 year old Grandson, from the Astley side of Tyldesley.
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