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TyZanay is a sweet person. If you don't on her bad side.When her feeling get hurt it hurt bad,she bad emotions....she cry herself to sleep cause she can't get you out of her mind.She every loving person,kind,and sentive and try her best to make you smile or laugh. She care about people more than she care about her own.She put people above her.If you ever get a girl like an Ty'Zanay hold her tight and never let her go.Cause when you do she is gone forever and you never find a girl like her.She will forgive you but don't forget that you hurt that.
TyShawn:Dang y'all I should never had mess up on TyZanay....She never going to talk to me

Amya:Yes u shouldn't Ty'Zanay been my friend for long time and she tried her best to make you happy but you mess up bro!

Ty'Shawn:Ik Amya stop throwing it in my face

Amya:Well that wat you get you deserve to suffer

Ty'Shawn:Ik I messed up and I'm getting my girl back!β™‘

Amya:Go get her!!!!!
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