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An awesome webcomic about an insane war-criminal who suffered amnesia, and is now trying to escape the war he created. The war is between humans and "keidrans," which are furries. He goes on an adventure with the tigress whom he saved, and eventually joins up with a law-abiding rat thing, a gender-confused assassin wolf, a rich slavemaster and his naive, romantic slave.

It sounds retarded, but you gotta give it a chance :D

It's fucking AWESOME.
"Hey Garrett, did you check out Twokinds yet?"
"I fucking hate you, I barely got any sleep because I was reading it for 4 hours."
by Seriou3 April 18, 2011
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The most freakin' best Furry web comic ever made!
Based on 3 main characters (At the start) Then gradually gets to 4 I think? Oh well, just look at it yourself -.-

Why the hell are you even looking it up on this site anyway? Just read the comic...
Mike: Hey have you seen the new Comic Strip for Two Kinds updated every wednesday?

Me: Why the hell are you telling me this? Why are you telling me this in detail? Are you advertising something?

Mike: Here, just read it for yourself, you will find it, EPIC ^w^

Me: Ummmm, ok then? >.>
by FlakyRock April 17, 2010
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