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A portmanteau formed by combining the British English slang terms “twat” and “toff.” Twat is a noun referring to a particularly stupid or obnoxious person. Toff is a derogatory term referring a rich or upper-class person.
Former British prime minister is a right twoff.
by Don T. Beadick January 12, 2019
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An adjective made up by Eddy Burbank in his video "Twins Make Me Uncomfortable" to describe an uncomfortable feeling that is caused by identical twins. In the video, the source of this was the fact that the twins would attempt to be as abnormally similar to each other in their lives such as their clothing, husbands, and rooms as possible, down to hoping that their children will also try to be as similar to each other, and dismissing the idea of freewill and uniqueness.

Other words that he used include: Twuncomfortable, Tweird, and
Person 1: Did you hear what Brittney and Whittney are doing?
Person 2: No, what?
Person 1: They're both having children, and they're planning to give them similar names and decorate their rooms in the same way.
Person 2: That's a bit twoff.
Person 1: I know, right?
by PolyPixl09 February 24, 2021
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