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A genuine technical term used in advertising, often abreviated to "two c's in a kitchen". This unbeleivably offensive term relates to any advert based around two people discussing something for the purpose of a camera.

The origins of this are based in early washing powder comercials where two people would say something like "Oh, how do you get those whites so bright?". Apparently even in the early days people found it hard to keep a straight face on set.

Now there are several pastiches, including two c's by a washing line, two c's in a bar, in a car, anywhere.

In short, two people discussing something pointlessly and in an artificial or clearly staged manner for the benefit of onlookers, sometimes in irony.
Dude, I just had to sit through a party political broadcast with a staged interview. It was so totally two c's.
by dj_monged August 14, 2004
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