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When two homosexual men engage in the act of docking while simultaneously wrapping the saggy scrotum of a third homosexual man around the two docked and throbbing penises creating a biscuit shape representing two pigs in a blanket.
“Hey, did you hear Brad and Chad were engaged in their weekly docking when brad’s creepy uncle walked in and wrapped his saggy ball sack around their fully docked penises. He called it two pigs in a blanket.”
by Trpldckng October 26, 2018
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Much like docking: two un-circumsized men: one man puts the head of his penis, with foreskin over it, into another man's foreskin.
Tom, and bill were bored and decided to be adventurous and not just dock, but have two pigs in a blanket
by Daveystyles11 December 11, 2011
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A slut male or female who's whore ass is so sloppy two dicks can easily cohabitate inside.
I'm surprised Jen isn't suffering from incontinent bowl. Last week at your dad's AA celebration she sat on the table and a bottle of Jim beam fell up her asshole! She can easily handle two pigs in a blanket!
by Scrunthole June 17, 2018
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