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Unlike a traditional One Night Stand, the two (or more depending on preference) engage in sexual relations for two consecutive nights with the same notion of not seeing each other after the conclusion. The purpose for this is for a man or woman to catch their "prey" for a weekend instead of having to go out on the prowl for two consecutive nights (if their intent is to get laid that weekend). This is often entacted by an act of subterfuge (i.e. a bed and breakfast provided by the initiator) for one individual to persuade the other individual to stay another night with the intent to simply continue the sexual affairs for the next evening only to be washed away after one kicks the other out just for the sex and wishes to see them never again. This can also be done by one getting the other's number and calling them over for a booty call THAT MUST HAPPEN THE FOLLOWING DAY and then engaging in sexual affairs and then the initiator either ignoring every call or blocking the other's number afterwards. Unlike "rebeat business", the booty call can only be done ONCE and it is not an ongoing thing. The purpose is for one to eliminate any communication with the person after the two days conclude---simply because of the fear of a relationship, to get out of distasteful sex or to just engage in an act of "fucking and chucking" someone in a longer progression.
Tom: Hey look at that girl over there at the bar.
Ralph: Ya? What about her?
Tom: She looks like a perfect two night stride. I don't have enough money to chase tail for the whole weekend.
Ralph: Go get er' man!
Scott (whom has a girlfriend): Ha. God you guys are pathetic.
by Mickey Brewster August 19, 2011
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