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Information formerly known as an “Offical Whitehouse Statement”
Mom: “Have you completed your American history report?”
Child’s: “Almost done! I have to check President Trump’s twitter tantrum to see how the Constitution can be changed!”
by boonviller November 08, 2018
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A Twitter tantrum occurs when a Twitter user is at odds with one or more of his/her fellow Twitterers. This is typically characterized by a confrontational exchange of "tweets" during which threats are made to unfollow (block), etc.

This is not atypical behavior considering the often self-absorbed and self-serving personality traits of the participants and their insatiable need for attention and validation.
Being the self-absorbed prima donna she always has been, Chloe threw a full-on Twitter tantrum last night and unfollowed several of her most loyal followers just because they dared to challenge her on some her extremist political views.
by whimzzical June 02, 2010
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