finding out that the girl you met once has been following you for months from your twitter site just so she can learn your every move so that when you do finally introduce yourself she's already prepared for marriage and kids.

a site for everyone to express their stories of twitter stalking or other stalking stories that are of the same nature
by IOYW July 18, 2009
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When a girl (or boy or woman or man) follows someone on twitter and reads all of their tweets and views all of their pictures. That girl/boy/woman/man then subtweets about them, making it obvious that a crush has formed. The stalkee may or may not know who the stalker is, but that does not matter because other twitter users know, and that's all that matters.

Twitter Stalking is a real thing and affects real people. If you know someone who is a Twitter Stalker please tell them to grow a pair and talk to the stalkee or simply tell them to grow up and stop being so weird.
"I'm following this girl and daaaammm she is fine, if only I had the guts to talk to her...her posts are funny." (tweet by stalker)

"This guy keeps favoriting all my tweets and is being really #creepy I don't even know him #whodoesthat He's totes #Twitter Stalking" (tweet by stalkee)
by Anonymous4ever April 5, 2013
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Going to someone's Twitter account (normally a celebrity's) and scrolling through every tweet, looking at every picture, and reading every private conversation they've had. Most people will probably think you're a crazy fangirl for doing this.
Friend: Where did you find these pictures?
Me: I was going through Keegan Allen's Twitter account last night.
Friend: You need to stop Twitter stalking!
by Me_Iz_Here September 4, 2011
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When a wannabe-stalker (most likely a fat,lazy nerd) decides to save time and energy on his illegal actions by just reading people's Twitter updates and imagining their situations.
Bob was arrested for Twitter-Stalking a supermodel.
by Tom Scaret September 5, 2009
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