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When your two year old son is pronounced either homo sexual, homophobic or inept socially at his socialscorecard 2 year cerebral ceremony, where an expert ascertains how much gay has rubbed of from fathers to son.
TwinkleTwos expert analysis suggests gay men hold back their flamboyance around children to prevent the fag in them rubbing off on pupils.

The expert looks for copying a child's gay father's flamboyant lispy limp wrist hand gestures, complete with over-multi-variate high-frequency tones fluctuating emotionally between octaves so to imbalance dysharmonic variant amplitude resonance reverberativity reoscillative relay retail rhetoric recreatable retales retailing rampant reign relapses repeting rerun reepisodic realmalgamated reimposternate of daddy copying another stereotypical prancer who twinkles on two toes aka TwinkleTwos.
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