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Twitter + Wingnut

A strain of conservative echo-bot who dedicates their Twitter life to whatever right wing propaganda requires distribution. Sometimes these are amateurs, engaging in the fun of polemical masturbation, while others are paid operatives working in basement boiler rooms of Right wing think tanks and front groups. Their mission is to create astrotweet noise that obscures as much signal as they can; signal such as material facts or historical accuracies which progressives and liberals are often tweeting about.

Twingnuts may have thousands of tweets, but only a handful of followers—if any. Often created to spam a liberal #hashtags, the Twingnut rarely uploads an avatar because the account may not exist a few hours later. These so-called "Egg" accounts (because they are assigned Twitter's default egg avatar) almost always have 1 of 5 words in their profile (if not all of them). These are: Freedom, Patriot, Constitution, Liberty, and Guns.

The Twingnut's tweets usually contain some recent rhetoric heard on Fox News, or from Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh. They will often include the epithet "libtard" at least as often as some sentimental clapdoodle about free enterprise, tax cuts, veterans or protecting fetuses. Correct spelling and grammar is usually considered optional, and are rarely applied.

There is no known way to silence a Twingnut, because it is impossible to humiliate people who lack enough information to grasp why they should feel humiliated.
"*RT @Patriots_Patriot: BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! Face it Libtards, Obama Lied, People Died!"
"*RT @Nathan_Hale_1776: Give me liberty or give me death. (Alternatively, give me freedom, Tax Cuts, and fewer black people voting.)"
"*RT @STUDLY_NRA_LOVER: This is my rifle, in my pants is my gun. This is for guarding my survival shelter, the other's for fun."

*Note: Above are not real Twitter accounts.. but they aren't far from typical Twingnut account names.
by shoq October 07, 2013
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