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Twincam officially refers to a sport oriented engine which consists of 2 cam-shafts hence twincam or dualcam. This creates more horsepower than the standard single cam engine, leading to higher revs and higher acceleration power.

Twincam amongst most people would refer to cars such as the Toyota Corolla, with thanks to the anime series Initial D, the 'twincam' became a hit amongst many boy racers and petrol heads. The high RWD output meant it was an excellent car for drifting and til date is a highly valued car amongst many car collectors and enthusiasts.
Marty: Aw mate! Is that a twincam?
Paulie Dee: Oh aye boy, great car, good for goin' don't have any spare tyres do ye?

Lucy: Oh no, I'm going to be late for work!
Danny: Girl, hop in my twincam and we'll be the first there
by MMtheLad September 22, 2014
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Possibly the most powerful car ever produced by toyota. With the 4AGE Bigport sporting the TVIS intake system. For the time, the quickest car in its class with a powerfull 1.6 capable of 0-100 in a mere 9 odd seconds and a quarter mile time just under 17seconds.
Twincam owner : 'TVIS just kicked in, yo'

Twincam passenger: SHIIIIT I cant feel me legs!
by tcamslam April 24, 2007
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