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A name given to an event, object or person that is so perfect and beautiful it is almost unreal. It actually favorably compares to the sheer perfection and beauty of the Cullens Family in Twilight and that of the whole Twilight experience in itself.
Eg 1:
Lauren: "Weez how was yr Cruise Holiday?"
Weez: "Lauren it was just so beautiful and perfect. I can't explain the sheer perfection of everything and everybody we saw. To try and sum it up, it was TWI-LICIOUS!!!"

Eg 2:
Weez: "Lauren how was yr wedding day?"
Lauren: "Weez, i can't explain the experience and the feelings with words. It was so perfect, so beautiful and so dreamy. It was TWI-LICIOUS!!
by PrincessWeezie October 22, 2009
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