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(n.) The involuntary contraction of muscles in the hand and toes, in combination with a exclamatory shout of immeasurable glee from the viewing of Fox Media's television show, "24". Said "Twenty-Fourgasms" occur in points of an episode when something is done that may cause awe or excitement. While not necessarily specific to any character, it tends to be triggered by main character Jack Bauer (played by Keifer Sutherland). A more specific climax of excitement specific to Keifer does exist. See "Keifer-gasm"
"It was weird wathing 24 with my dad last night. Every time Keifer did something great I had a "Twenty-Fourgasm" and my dad didn't know what I was doing"

"Goddamn, I can't even concentrate anymore, after that show, I ""Twenty-Fourgasmed" all over my pants."
by es invictus January 08, 2006
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