Five months and twenty nine days. This is the term in the workhouse that a lush-worker recieves for "jostling". If a detective sees a lush-worker approach or touch a lush, he places a "jostling" charge.
Mike was well known to the subway squad and so spent at least half of his time on the Island(Rikers) doing the five-twenty-nine for jostling.
by brasswater July 09, 2013
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Ask a room full of people how many have wanted to try some crack, for a show of hands. If there are 600 people in the room and 29 of them thought about it, you will see twenty-nine palms.
Got a turnout of twenty-nine palms on crack use last night, usually I get about three, four out of 600.
by Solid Mantis November 18, 2016
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A sex position where it is like 21 doggy style but the woman is upside down and the man is right side up
Hey babe wanna have a Sixty-Nine Twenty-One right now
by Real English Slang November 16, 2017
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