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Extremely moronic and exasperating Tweets that, through platitudes, pretend to enlighten us with ready-made wisdom about the most significant spiritual or businesslike issues.

(platitude: a trite or banal remark or statement, especially one expressed as if it were original or significant.)
"Ok, gimme some examples of Tweetsdom... enlighten me."

"Well, how about the following?" "Did you know that you actually have to water flowers on a regular basis? Not just once when you buy them!", or "The book you don't read won't help.", or "Leadership and success is simple. Not easy. But simple.", or "Do not despair because the one you love does not respond the same as you.", or "It's kind of hard to think outside the box if you are trapped in one!", or..."

"OK, OK, OK... Oh boy... Please, STOP IT!!! YouΒ΄re killing me... I got it, Tweetsdom is anything that sounds like been said by Deepak Chopra."
by rperazag June 16, 2010
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