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The art of 'Fraping' the Facebook profile of someone by using a fake account.

You start by finding a friend of the victim who doesn't currently have a facebook profile.

Use this person's identity to create a fake facebook profile and then using this profile, add the victims mutual friends.

Once enough mutual friends have been added, and critical mass is achieved, change the fake profiles name and picture to that of the victim.

TweekFrape away.

Once the victim realises how the 'frapping' is being achieved, he/she will un-friend the person. Despite this you can still continue to post unflattering status updates and all the mutual friends of the victim will still be updated.

In this way, it is superior to the regular 'frapping' as it can last for much longer, and more options are available.
We TweekFrapped the shit outta Timmy...

He cried like a little girl after his 'TweekFrape'
by Eclipse132 October 11, 2011
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