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(n.) The feeling when a person stops taking Amphetamine (usually Methamphetamine) and the high “fully” wears off. This can be known as the middle of “Coming down” and “Meth withdrawal”. Before the Tweakover, there is the Coming down period which is usually noticed at the last hour/two hours of the high. This is usually when the high gets way weaker or is almost gone. A Tweakover is usually referred to the time after you come down, when the high is gone. It got its name from the time when the user takes Meth at nighttime and the high wears off before morning, leaving the person with a terrible Meth “hangover”. Don’t get it confused with coming down OR withdrawal although they are all similar (They come in stages):
1. Coming down (lasts for about two hours)
2. Tweakover (lasts about 1-3 days)
3. Withdrawal (lasts usually more than a week)
4. Craving (Can last from days after to years after use)

Note: Tweakovers are obviously the worst on your first time using, but they don’t exactly get better. Don't do meth kids, not even once ;)

Meth head: How was last night at that friggin wicked party?

Kid: It was pure hell. I feel like shit.

Meth head: Thats the Tweakover. I'm surprised you're still living.
by assholemcgee September 30, 2011
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