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Mainly a girl who is exceedingly annoying and is hovering around you while you are trying to pick up a girl at a bar, club, or other events (be it charity events, doctors office, the grocery store, party... we have all seen the overly drunk girl at a party on some guy who clearly does not want her). This girl does not necessarily have to be a friend, she just has to be annoying enough to ruin your game.
Nick: Dude, that bitch was such a twatacopter, she was just hovering around me the whole night as I was trying to pick up Emma

Harry: I know man, she was one of those drunk twatacopters too, just hanging off you you basically. Fuck, sorry man

Nick: Don't worry about it... maybe next time she just wont be there.

Harry: lets hope...
by Bleek September 28, 2009
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