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turtle nation is a group for nergirks (nerd/geek) fandom over turtles and have an army of people who want to join in turtle nation we do stuff like hanging in storehouses talking about embarrassing stories and if we're bored we do what anybody wants to do. Turtle Nation has a bunch of weird kids who can't fit in and just want to be in a place where they feel like they can say anything without getting laughed at (unless it's a joke) or being called a freak. my friends and I have put that title in our school so when people say who are you we say turtle Nation, midget, chocolate milk god, goddess of fluffiness, or other stuff and to join our group you have to at least have one job. (mine's supplier) :) also don't get on our bad side we all can kick ass. have a great day
boy 1: who is that weird guy screaming
boy 2: IDK but I hear that he's the turtle nation captain
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by July 28, 2017
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A sex position where one person jumps on another and rides on their back as the first person starts rocking back and forth.

I want to do Turtle Nation now.

So this is how turtle do it?

Ah yeah!
by Stan Walker August 31, 2008
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