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The face a female makes while recieving cock.

I was stuffin that chick like a thanksgiving turkey and she made the hottest Turkey Face i have ever seen.
by A.J. and Josh November 01, 2007
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Turkeyfacing is the act of smashing a turkey sandwich into the face of someone you don’t like. Turkeyfacing’s origins can be traced to the USVI where locals use it as an effective way to shut up douchebag wanna be rappers who are trying to free style. Turkeyfacing quickly shows the douchebag that neither you nor your friends want to hear his failed attempt at rapping. Traditionally the douchbag is required to buy you another turkey sandwich due to the fact that his spontaneous freestyle left you no choice but to destroy your perfectly good sandwich.
I told him to shut his face when he talked to me, but he didn’t listen so I just turkeyfaced his modda skunt!!!
by Dick VI October 14, 2009
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The confused, paranoid, and often guilty look found upon the face of a person who has just ingested a significant amount of marijuana.
Upon entering the living room of his fraternity house, the kid's obvious turkey face tipped off the rest of the group that he had been indulging in bong hits while upstairs in his bedroom.
by LakeForestWASP March 27, 2012
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The act of Slapping a girls has so hard it leave a hand print like when you were in school and traced your hand to make a turkey around thanksgiving. After you smack her ass, you gobble like a turkey.
Her ass so fine its deserving of a turkey face.
by bussdat November 08, 2010
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A turkey face is when a girl puts a mans penis in her mouth so the ball sack is hanging over her chin and another person sticks a camera inbetween his legs at the very top and takes a picture so the girl looks like a turkey
by Lele S April 07, 2007
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