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Girls from your old high school you try to hit up and get at over Thanksgiving break. These girls are usually ones you haven't seen in 2-3 years and you aren't quite sure if they are still attractive or not.
Have you texted those girls to see what they're doing over break?

The turkey sluts? Hell yeaeeahh all they wanna chill
by Samuel Fratams November 09, 2010
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Someone who enjoys sexual activities with Fall- and Thanksgiving-themed things.
hey you lurkey turkey slut. it's HOEvember. you know what that means? time to gobble gobble gobble on a big ol dick. back in 1492, our main bitch Christopher Columbus and those slutty pilgrims had to cum to America in search of new dicks to suck. recite this to 10 of your sluttiest pilgrim bitches or you won't get any gravy this year. get told this by 5 friends and you're a mashed potato hoe.
by SunkenShips January 26, 2016
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