A lesbian who wrangles other lesbians to participate in a muff diving marathon.

A woman who has perfected the art of vaginal satisfaction on another woman.
Example one:
Turf Hearder: Hey hows it going Latisha, you should totally come over this weekend I rounded up all kinds of turf to be herded, It will be a blasty blast.

Latisha: Well I'm not sure, I'm not really into all of that

Turf Herder : Dont worry baby I'm into it enough for the lot of us!

Example two:

Lesbian one: Oh my God Cassie! You are so good at that, you turf herder you!

Cassie/ Turf Herder: Well baby I have been at this a long time, I have herded many turfs and sowed many oats.
by Creativenate88 May 25, 2009
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